Newport Bedroom Drawers 1034-W

                  Newport Bedroom Drawers 1034-W

                  Newport Bedroom Drawers 1034-W

                  Combined Unit Details

                  1032(h) x 632(w) x 400mm(d)

                  This five drawer tallboy can be used on its own, or double up for his and hers. A pair of small drawers provides space for small accessories such as jewellery and scarves, while the large drawers are perfect for bigger items like pants and sweaters. The innovative ventilation system includes custom designed vents top and bottom and vented metal bases in each drawer allows moisture to transpire. Strong metal handles in a contemporary silver finish are a feature of the drawer accessories, as well as a hard wearing foil laminate which makes the product easy-clean and scratch resistant.

                  Shopping List

                  3 x
                  2 x
                  1 x


                  • BA2-M/W BA2-M/W
                  • BA3-M/W BA3-M/W
                  • BC11-M/W BC11-M/W
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