Standard Wardrobe Kit

                  2064(h) x 632(w) x 400mm(d)

                  Kit with adjustable hanging rods expands to fit within 1882 and 2362 mm

                  A tall connecting unit to link towers and provide effective hanging space for clothes, and provides the ability to use the innovative adjustable hanging shelf for another layer of storage and space. The BT6 Kit can also be transformed through the use of accessories.

                  Set includes

                  • Base tower carcass
                  • Adjustable hanging rod
                  • All fastenings
                  • Instruction manual
                  Available in the following colours:
                  Maple White

                  Mix and Match with these accessories

                  BA10-B/G BA10-B/G
                  BA2-M/W BA2-M/W
                  BA3-M/W BA3-M/W
                  BA4-M/W BA4-M/W
                  BA6-M/W BA6-M/W
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