FAQ - Manufacturing

                  What is the edge tape made from?

                  The edge tape is a UV resistant PVC tape glued to the edge of the boards.

                  What Does E-Zero (E0) mean?

                  Getsorted furniture grade wood panels only use low emissions gluing systems, denoted by an “E” rating (“E0” possessing the lowest possible emissions). All Getsorted furniture grade wood panels are produced to “E0” and are therefore safe in your home environment. 

                  What is the panel and surface made from?

                  The panel is made from an Ultra Low Emission(EO) Furniture grade wood chip panel has a high-density surface and light weight core. This gives the product great strength to weight ratio.and has a high quality durable laminated foil surface finish. This is covered with a foil (as opposed to paper) based sheet that is white or maple coloured. This makes them hard wearing with good water and scratch resistance.

                  Where is the product made?

                  The product is manufactured near Shanghai in China by an ISO9001 accredited Factory. The product has been professionally designed and developed by Getsorted in Tauranga, New Zealand

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