FAQ - Assembly

                  Can someone without DIY skills assemble your products?

                  Yes, all products are easy to assemble and come with a step by step assembly guide. Check out this video to see how easy it really is! With a few basic tools, careful following of instructions, a little planning and good old common sense you may be surprised what you can achieve. 

                  What tools do I need to assemble these products?

                  For most items all you need is a Phillips screw driver. Towers will need to be wall mounted so will require wall anchors and a drill. To join units or mount the adjustable hanging rod or adjustable shelf, a drill with 5mm drill bit will be required.

                  Can I get spare parts if they are missing?

                  Yes please visit our contacts page on the getsorted website and email us your request. Our service team will send out the parts you require. http://www.www.seikohp.com/nz/contact

                  I've lost my assembly instructions - can I view them online?

                  Yes, you can download product assembly instructions off the getsorted website.

                  Can I have the system installed for me?

                  If you are just too busy, as so many of us are, ask your stockist about their installation service. Most stores will offer a planning, delivery and installation service or will recommend a service provider to you.

                  Do I need to buy any extra fixings?

                  No, drawers come with runners, and all fittings are supplied. The only thing you may need is wall anchors for the towers.

                  Which units are designed to be wall fixed?

                  Tower Kits are designed to be wall mounted and supplied with corner brackets and stand-off blocks. The Base Cabinets BC10 and BC11 can be either wall mounted or free standing and have stand-off blocks and fixing screws to be fixed through the ventilation holes in the back. The BC12 is not designed to be wall fixed.

                  Ask a Question

                  If your query hasn’t been answered here please ask a question and we will get back to you shortly.

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